Visit our farm-direct stand located across the road from our 25+ acre garden.  There you can actually see where your food is grown and be assured that your produce is picked farm fresh daily.

One taste and you will quickly see what a difference “fresh picked” makes.  There is simply no comparison to a tomato that has been ripened on the vine!

Would you like to demonstrate to your children where their fruits and vegetables are grown? Enjoy picking your own produce for half price.  We provide buckets for picking and bags in which to transport your produce home.

Planting begins the second week of April, weather permitting.  First harvest is usually the first few days of June and the season for summer crops ends late July to mid August.

Summer Crops:
Butter Beans
Peas (Purple Hull)
Peppers (Bell, Hot Banana, Jalapeno)

We eat well and want you to also!  Don’t forget to pick up an arm full of zinnias and sunflowers for your arrangements at home.


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